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My name is Nikolay Stoyanov. I was born in 1983 and I live in The town of Roses - Kazanlak, Bulgaria.

Until the age of 7 I was flying very often on board An-2, Gawron and Wilga airplanes together with my father, who was a pilot back then.

When I turned 16 I did my first skydive jumps with PD-47, RS-8, RL-16 and Parafoil parachutes.

In 2003 I have passed a paragliding course, which made the sky available again for me.

I like the beautiful movements, which an experienced pilot can draw in the sky with his paraglider - the so called Acro and I practice it when I have the opportunity.

I like the walks in the sky, leading me to desired places, using natures powers and my own knowledge and skills - Cross country flying.

I like the freedom in flying, which I feel the most, when I take my paragliding backpack and head to the mountain relying only on my endurance and natures favors.

  See you in the sky...


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