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Tandem flights

Tandem flights  


What do we need for the flight?
In order to have a pleasant tandem flight with a praglider we need:
Nice weather – We always consider the local weather conditions when planning the flights. This means that we need a certain wind direction and strength. Paragliding flights are possible all year long :)
Proper clothing – It must be suitable for the current season and type of flight. The good shoes are an important part of the paragliding clothing. We strongly recommend good quality shoes, which are ankle high.
Equipment – We fly only with certified paragliding equipment, which is being regularly tested by the respective organizations.

Flight types

The flight length is around 15-20 min. If you never did paragliding before, this is the most proper flight type for you to begin with. You will have enough time to see the world like birds do, to enjoy the experience without losing your comfort and security :)

This flight includes acrobatic paragliding elements like wingovers, spiral, SAT etc. and its duration is around 10-15 min. You will be experiencing heavy overload, which can reach 4G! This is the best type of paragliding flight for people, who seek adrenaline, love high speed and enjoy the feeling of weightlessness.

Cross Country
This paragliding flight continues around an hour and aims to take us to a desired destination, flying over the beautiful changing landscape. You will be learning about and feeling the thermals - the invisible powers, which help the pilot travel really long distances without an engine just like the birds. The Cross country flight is great for people with adventurous spirit.


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